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Mono-crystalline Aluminium Oxide (SSA-1 Blue) F Grade

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Mono-crystalline Aluminium Oxide (SSA-1 Blue) P Grade
Super Mono-crystalline Aluminium Oxide is the product of first-class Al2O3 and various assistant materials after fusing in 3000KVA tilting furnace. During fusing, the single crystal aluminium oxide (SSA) of 1-2μm crystal structure comes into being directly. Unique fine chipped microcrystals overlap and form the well-developed single crystals. SSA has good toughness, excellent self-sharpening, high grinding rate.


1.Number of single crystals is around 95%, which is 50% higher than the original one(the original one's is about 65%).
2.The compressive strength exceeds 26N, toughness is as much as 90.5%, which is 25% higher than original one's.
3.Al2O3 is above 99.4% and its impurity is lower than original one's. (Fe2O3≤0.08%,SiO2≤0.07%,TiO2≤0.45%)
4.With multi-layer grain, SSA can create lots of cutting sides continually. So the surface of grinded workpiece can reach the same cleanliness and the service life of workpiece is improved.
5.SSA can be combined with all kinds of bonding agent. It can be used in vitrified, resin-bonded, rubber-bonded wheels and abrasive belts for weight grinding and polishing stainless steel.
6.SSA is equivalent to 25% zirconia aluminium oxide and very similar with SG abrasive materials. Compared with SA-08, SSA has improved a lot.
7.Products match the FEPA standard, we can offer F grade sands for making grinding wheels and P grade sands for making coated abrasives.
8.SSA-1 is blue color, SSA-2 is pink color.

Available Grits

W63, W50, W40, W28, W20, W14, W10, W7, W5, W2.5

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Chemical Analysis

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25kg/bag, one inner plastic bag, two poly-woven bags or one coated poly-woven bag.   
Paper bag or carton packing is available.
Wooden pallet or jumbo bag is also available.

Sun Abrasives is the direct sales representative of Xixia Zhenghong Mono Crystal Aluminium Oxide Co., Ltd.

Xixia Zhenghong Mono Crystal Aluminium Oxide Co., Ltd. has 3600KVA and 1000KVA smelting furnace of each a set. Powerful technical staff, complete detection means, it has a complete production line from smelting to granulation. We successfully developed gray color Mono-crystalline aluminium oxide in 1991, and later have produced micro-crystalline aluminium oxide. We had been certified by the ISO9001-2000 quality management system in 2003. At present, our annual production capacity of SA is 3,000 tons and MA 1,000 tons, products are exported to USA, Japan, Korea and other countries. We keep in long-term and cooperative business relationship with over 200 enterprises in China, especially China SISHA Co., Ltd. , White Dove (Group) Co., Ltd. , Saint-Gobain China and other large and medium enterprises. We supply F grade and P grade sands.


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