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EU26 [Upgraded] PET Film Alox Ultra Smooth Surface

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EU27[New] PET Film Alox Ultra Smooth Surface
EU26[Upgraded] Velcro PET Film Alox Ultra Smooth Surface
Item NO. EU26
Category Abrasive Film Roll
Coating Electrical coating
Resin Resin over resin
Base Paper PET Film
Film Color Transparent
Abrasive Grain Special Treated Alox
Grain Side Color Green, Blue, Pink,Yellow and customized color
Paper Weight 100μm, 125μm
Grit Range P60,P80,P100,P120,P150,P180,P220,P240,P280,P320,P400,
Size 1400mm(Roll width), 1380mm(actual use area Roll width)
Other customized sizes(Roll width is standard and length can be customized)
Form Roll
Benefit 1. PET film as base paper guarantees high strength, anti-deformation, ultra even surface, heat-resistance, excellent flexibility and work pieces having smoother finish.
2. Special-treated grains comply with EU standards. Special sand-planting technique realizes oriented grains evenly distributed. Sharp surface lead to superior cutting performance and consistent finish.
3. Heat-resistant and high-strength base paper together with special bonding realizes persistent performance.
4. Special anti-clog coating ensures good sanding dust removal and prevents clogging thus optimizes the product performance.
5. Smoother surface than abrasive cloth. Better strength and dimension stability than abrasive paper. Waterproof and oil-resistant. Can be used wet or dry.
Usage Automotive primer sanding, finish polishing and grinding, medium paint sanding, electrophoretic paint defect grinding.
Automotive body sanding, automotive glass grinding.
3C products, for example, Ipad and Iphone shell sanding and polishing, disc polishing.
Optical fiber and optical fiber connector sanding and polishing.
Automotive crankshaft polishing. Kinds of mirror roll, calender bowl, rubber roller and motor steering sanding and polishing.
Zinc alloy and china sanding and polishing.
Glass sanding and polishing. For example, camera and lenses sanding and polishing.
Applicable Industry Automotive industry
Metalworking industry
3C industry(Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronics)
Package Can pack according to customer’s requirements.
OEM Accept OEM order
Similar Quality SUNMIGHT, 3M, DEER, HANKO
Min. Quantity
Factory brand: 1,000m/grit/item and at least 6 grits
OEM order: 1,000m/grit/item and 20,000m/item
Stock Neutral stock
Production Time
In 45-50 days after receiving 30% deposit.
For the first OEM order, should need about 10 more days for printing design.
Shipping Time 5-10 days on the port for Customs clearance and waiting for ship schedule
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1.Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings. Please subject to the actual products.
2.Size: Roll width is standard and length can be customized. But there might be defects during production and we will of course cut off the defects, which results in some rolls with unmatched length as order required. If you accept joint roll, we can connect the unmatched length to the one order required (only if we have enough stock for connecting).


EU26 Abrasive Film Roll


EU26 Abrasive Film Roll


EU26 Abrasive Film Roll






Sun abrasives is the direct sales representative of Golden sun Abrasives Co., Ltd.


Golden Sun is one of the largest abrasive paper manufacturer group in China. It owns four factories for producing difference series of abrasive papers, and are only concentrated on abrasive paper. They do not consider abrasive cloth because they think it is not an easy thing to do only one thing well. And they want to do the abrasive paper best.

Now Golden Sun is concentrated on high quality abrasive papers and follows ISO9001-2000 quality management. It imported one production line from Italian in 2005. And the newest line is from Germany in 2013, which assures the technique advantage. Most of its raw materials are from Europe, USA, and Japan.

Now Golden Sun can produce about 60 kinds of abrasive papers for different usages.  It has taken 40% of Chinese market. And take the place of those imported abrasive papers especially in automotive line and 3C line etc.

Our abrasive papers are being sold to about 20 countries in South East of Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and American. And we are supplying to the most famous companies in the world. We accept OEM orders.

We can supply special sizes according to customer's requirements. 

The annual output of the group is about 50,000,000 square meters.               

There are technical staff 35 persons, and about 300 workers.

Golden Sun Group

Factory 1

Location: Dongguan, Guangdong

Production Line: 1 Chinese line

Products: Imported craft base abrasive paper; Imported latex base abrasive paper

Factory 2

Location: Dongguan, Guangdong

Production Line: 1 Italian line

Products: High quality zinc stearated abrasive paper sheets & rolls; High quality heavy duty abrasive paper rolls

Factory 3

Location: Fuzhou, Jiangxi

Production Line: 2 Chinese Line

Products: Chinese craft base abrasive paper

Factory 4

Location: Dongguan, Guangdong

Production Line: 1 German Line; 1 Chinese Line

Products: Abrasive film; High quality super fine abrasive paper












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