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How to choose abrasive paper?
Application Usage Recommendations
Textile Industry BP62,BR62,EW92
Denim BP62, BR62
Cloth sanding EW92
Leatherworking Industry EW91,CW93
Normal use EW91 Semi-open coating
Specialized in leather sanding CW93 Open coating
Bambooworking Industry EW91, EX921, BW91, BW86, BT86, BP86B, DP86B, BP86B
Wide belt,60#--120# heavy weight abrasive paper EW91, EX921, BW91, BW86
Middle belt, 150#--600# zinc-stearated abrasive paper BT86, BP86B, DP86B, BP86B
Furniture Industry DP25,DP85,DI85,BI85,BA85,EK85,EK851,EK852,EQ85,EB85,EB85,BB85,EJ85,EN85,EN851
Wide belt for bare wood sanding EW91,BW91,BW86
Narrow belt for coating sanding EI86,DP86B,DP86E,BP86B,BT86,BV86B
Soft wood sanding BA85, BI85
Hard wood sanding EK85 -Special treated Alox, used for flat surface sanding, fast cutting rate and sharp.
Carving sanding EK851 -Special latex paper, ultra flexible, grain side will not peel off. 
Curved surface sanding EJ85,EN85
Finish grinding after paint BA85
Printing Industry Anti-dirty abrasive paper for printing machine SR62 
Musical Instrument Industry bare wood sanding  180#--320# DP86B, BP86B
Finish grinding after paint 600#,800#,1000# BP86, BP86A, BP86C
Automotive Industry BP62,BR62,BM62,BN62,BM82,DN82,EU26,DH85,BC82,EW92
Metalworking Industry(Zinc Alloy,Cast Iron,Steel) BP62, DN82,BN82,EW92,EU26
Construction Decoration DP22,BP62,DP25,DP85,EK85,DI85,EK851,EK852
Wall brushing DP22
3C industry(Computer shell, Mobile phone Shell,Small household appliances, Platics DP22,BP62, BN82
Magnalium Alloy BM62,EK85,EN85,DI85,EU26 
Glassworking Industry Optical glasses such as spectacles and camera lens BN82, DN82
Stone and Gemstone Processing industry Stones BP62, DV28, DV91, EW91
Gemstones BP62
Beauty and Health Industry Manicure and body beauty DP22, BP62, BM62, DI85
Teeth grinding CI62
Optical Fiber Communication Industry DN82,BN82,EU26
Shipbuilding Industry Weld seam, ship body, paint and  fiberglass yatch DN82,EW91,EW92
Synthetic Material Industry Carbon fiber bycicle, fishing rod and helmet. DP22,DN82



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